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Read alouds

Reading aloud is great for family bonding time. Pick a special time and place everyday and get lost in a book...together.

Janell Cannon
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Celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Stellaluna with a deluxe edition of this bestselling picture book classic, now with bonus crafts and activities! Knocked from her mother’s safe embrace by an attacking owl, Stellaluna lands headfirst in a bird’s nest. This adorable baby fruit bat’s world is ... Read More about
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Margaret Wise Brown
Previous price: $10.99 Current price: $8.99
In this classic of children's literature, beloved by generations of readers and listeners, the quiet poetry of the words and the gentle, lulling illustrations combine to make a perfect book for the end of the day. In a great green room, tucked away in bed, is a little bunny. "Goodnight room, goodnig ... Read More about
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Their teeth are brushed, their pajamas are on, and as soon as they say good night to Mama, the five little monkeys start to jump on their bed!  But trouble awaits as, one by one, they fall off and bump their heads! The uproarious rhyme is brought to life in this family favorite. With its mischievous ... Read More about
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Audrey Wood
Current price: $11.99
The classic silly cumulative tale that's perfect for bedtime, naptime...anytime! In the napping house is a cozy bed piled high with a snoring granny, a dreaming child, a dozing dog, a snoozing cat, and a slumbering mouse. What could be more comfy? All is at peace until a wakeful flea crawls into the ... Read More about
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Bill Martin, Jr., John Archambault
Current price: $7.99
There is always enough room on your child’s bookshelf for this Classic Board Book edition of the rollicking alphabet chant that has been a children’s favorite for over thirty years! A told B, and B told C, “I’ll meet you at the top of the coconut tree” In this lively alphabet rhyme, all the letters ... Read More about
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Laura Joffe Numeroff
Current price: $19.99
If a hungry little mouse shows up on your doorstep, you might want to give him a cookie. And if you give him a cookie, he'll ask for a glass of milk. He'll want to look in a mirror to make sure he doesn't have a milk mustache, and then he'll ask for a pair of scissors to give himself a trim.... This ... Read More about
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