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Book Wagon

Diane's Red Wagon full of books has become an iconic tradition. Each wagon features hand-selected books for newborns and children (and the occasional adult). Wagons are perfect for birthdays, holidays and corporate gifts; they welcome new readers into the world and celebrate books for a life time.

These wagons are purchased and distributed across the globe and can be theme-based or tailored to a particular interest.


Gifting Made Easy

Our tote bags filled with books, make sensational gifts for birthdays, holidays, beach vacations or any special occasions. Tell us about the recipient’s interests and what they like to read and we will fill the bags with hand picked books.



book bundle

Don't need a wagon or tote bags for your gift? Ask us about book bundles! We can tailor them to your specific needs!


This is a distinct privilege for us. We take great pride in personalizing your service in every way.

Please submit the form below and we will begin customizing your book wagon, bag or bundle. We will not bill you until book selection has been completed. Shipping will be added, if applicable.


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Sender Type
Recipient Address
Recipient Gender
Please include age, name and gender
Please list any relevant interests or themes.
Small wagon adds $20 to the cost of the gift.
Large wagon adds $35 to the cost of the gift.
Book bag adds $12 to the cost of the gift.
Delivery Method
Additional shipping charges apply.
Shipping starts at $25 for a wagon & book bag and goes up according to weight and zone.

Shipping for a book bundle is $8 up to 5 books.