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Where Dreams Take You

Where Dreams Take You

Current price: $18.95
Publication Date: October 24th, 2023
Cuento de Luz SL
Diane's Books of Greenwich
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Where dreams take you... It isn't a question but the certainty that prepares us for an extraordinary journey.A book where illustration and poetry merge, transporting the reader to a world where art accompanies them on every page.An invitation to let our imagination soar as dreams take shape and become a reality.A dreamlike text without a starting point, which feels as if it has no end; a world of fantasy, which makes its presence felt right from the cover, with its bold, atmospheric title.It's time to dream, and no one can say whether it's just a fantasy, a desire for something to come true, or things that happen while we are asleep.That's the magic of this book: we'll never know whether she was dreaming about being an ant or if she was one, but, in any case, it happened...A story that symbolizes our goals, challenges, aspirations, and, above all, the fierce determination to achieve our objectives without giving up, overcoming our fears through the magic formula of trusting in ourselves.The artist recreates scenes with unique details that intentionally move us between close-ups and wide-angle views, immersing us in vibrant colors.Gray tones remind us that we are asleep, while deep red brings us back to reality: or was it the other way around?This book allows the reader to discover the character and then be spellbound with them in the worlds of dreams.

About the Author

Elena Ferrándiz spent her childhood in San Fernando, Cádiz, surrounded by colored pencils. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Seville, where she specialized in printmaking. Since then, she has combined her passion for art and literature through her work as an illustrator for major publishers, national newspapers, and prominent institutions and organizations. In the narrative field, her illustrations have brought to life the works of Emilia Pardo Bazán or Virginia Woolf, among many other famous and outstanding classics. She has shared her facet as an illustrator in picture books with other writers. But she has also published her works where she plays with words and images, giving us an insight into her particular universe full of metaphors. Her conceptual work has been featured on the Spanish National Television program "The Adventure of Knowledge."