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Publication Date: January 8th, 2019
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England, 1470. A divided kingdom cannot stand. King Edward of York has been driven out of England. Queen Elizabeth and her children tremble in sanctuary at Westminster Abbey. The House of Lancaster has won the crown, but York will not go quietly. Desperate to reclaim his throne, Edward lands at Ravenspur with a half-drowned army and his brother Richard at his side. Every hand is against them, every city gate is shut, yet the York brothers go on the attack. But neither sees that their true enemy is Henry Tudor, now grown into a man. As the Red Dragon—“the man of destiny”—his claim to the throne leads to Bosworth Field and a battle that will bring an end to the Wars of the Roses . . .

About the Author

Conn Iggulden is one of the most acclaimed authors of historical fiction writing today. Among numerous bestselling novels, he is the author of The Abbot’s Tale, The Falcon of Sparta, The Gates of Athens, Protector, The Lion, and Empire, all available from Pegasus Books. Conn lives in London.

Praise for Ravenspur

Iggulden wraps up his finely wrought War of the Roses series in splendid style. Murder, betrayal, and bloody battlefields distinguish a vigorous narrative that, though ripped from the pages of history, still manages to contain a strong measure of heart-pounding suspense.

The dialogue sounds modern, but it's laced with historical syntax and grammar to lend credibility. Moreover, despite the complicated history and plethora of Edwards, Henrys, and Richards, Iggulden’s narrative remains clear as the aristocratic houses fight not only for political power, but also titles and crown estates, land and wealth. A powerful you-are-there narrative, authentic and engaging.

Capturing the violence and romance of medieval life, Iggulden makes real those grand characters who live in the collective memory.

It’s been said that Game of Thrones is the Wars of the Roses written as fantasy: this is the real thing, more glorious [and] more passionate.

— M. C. Scott, author of ROME: The Emperor’s Spy