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How the Crayons Saved the Earth

How the Crayons Saved the Earth

Current price: $19.99
Publication Date: March 7th, 2023
Sky Pony


What can crayons do to save the planet?

Something is happening to our big green and blue Earth! Pollution is making it hard for plants to grow, for animals to play, and for oceans to stay clean. But what can anyone do about it? On a yucky, smoggy day, a box of seven special crayons steps up to help! These peppy crayons are on another adventure to bring friendship, teamwork, and thoughtfulness to the world—but this time, it’s the world that needs help. With their unique personalities, quirky attitudes, and stick-to-itiveness, this rainbow of friends puts their heads and hearts together to find a way to save the Earth.
How the Crayons Saved the Earth is a colorful book about the environment from the plucky crayons who brought you the How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow series. How the Crayons Saved the Earth reminds kids about the importance of taking care of the Earth and that teamwork and determination can make a real difference.

About the Author

Monica Sweeney loves crayons and rainbows. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where she likes to read and think up stories.
Wendy Leach is an illustrator from Kansas City. When she’s not busy doodling, she can be found exploring Kansas City and inflicting her culinary creations on her unsuspecting family.

Praise for How the Crayons Saved the Earth

Praise for How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow

“Fantastic read-aloud opportunities. . . . Ripe for entertainment or for deeper discussion. What's not to like?” —Kirkus Reviews