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About the Store

Diane's Books has been open since 1990. Our bricks and mortar store is in the lovely town of Greenwich, Connecticut and is a full-service family bookstore. We are literally bursting with books with around 35,000 titles (but whose counting?!) on our shelves.

Our knowledgeable staff prides themselves with helping all our customers-young, old and just in-between, book lovers of all ages, find just the right book.

If we don't have a book in stock, we'll happily special order it--and even most special orders generally only takes a few days. 

So stop in and give us a challenge. Seriously, come in and ask us those tough questions like I am looking for a book with an orange cover--the main character had a cat--then there was a spy who was really a Russian (or was it French?) countess who saved the world in 7 days (or at least fell in love and there was a happy ending), or come in with no idea at all of what to read--or what to give to your boss, mom, dad, best friend, baby, teenager--and ask us for a recommendation. We don't get it right every time, but we like to think we have a pretty high success rate, and it's the most gratifying thing in the world when we do get it right. We're in this business because we love books and we love putting the right ones in your hands

Our collection of books is always changing so come see us to discover the latest and the greatest! 

There are 3 sections to the store:

The Children's Side

In the front are our lap books, board books for babies and our fabulous table of recent loves!

In the back are early readers, non-fiction, middle school readers, Nancy Drew!, classics, sports and graphic novels!




The Middle of the Store

This is where you will find the latest and the greatest--thrillers, rom coms, non-fiction that is new and noteworthy, event books, Diane's newsletter picks, Diane's favorite fiction in paperback, mysteries, cook books, historical fiction and more!

Come explore!


mid store


The West Wing

This is where all our fabulous travel books live as well as non-fiction like gardening, music, science, business, sports, the environment, birds, dogs, cats, books about cars and sailboats, books about history and exploration, biography, classics, art, poetry, journals and memoir!

In the back is our Young Adult section--with older Middle School readers too!


non fiction